SuperHERO Kevin Stoddard Memorial Foundation

Health, Education & RehabiliTation Opportunities

The SuperHERO Kevin Stoddard Memorial Foundation is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 82-5432537. 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes toward supporting our mission. Thank you for your support! 

Read more about our initiatives:

+ Treatment Scholarship at Dawn Farm

No one should be denied access to treatment for drug and alcohol addictions due to financial barriers. We are proud to support addicts in their fight for lifelong recovery by funding a treatment scholarship at Dawn Farm. Dawn Farm is a nonprofit treatment center that offers care to those who need it most without regard to financial condition. They believe strongly in connecting those with addictions to the recovering community and place an emphasis on long-term engagement to achieve long-term success. With your help, we can fund the following programs:

  • $13,500 Full 3-month Long Term Residential Treatment Scholarship
  • $9,000 2 months of Long Term Residential Treatment
  • $4,500 1 month of Long Term Residential Treatment
  • $2,500 Transitional Housing Scholarship
  • $925 Detox Scholarship + 1 month of Strong Roots Housing (assistance with transitional housing for single parents)
  • $450 Detox Scholarship

+ Kevin Stoddard Memorial Academic Scholarship

Recognizing the critical need for additional health care, mental health, and social work professionals devoted to mental health and/or addiction counseling, we established the Kevin Stoddard Memorial Scholarship to remove barriers and assist counselors entering this field. Critically, a 2016 report released by the Health Resources and Services Administration projected the supply of workers in behavioral health professions to be 250,000 short of the projected demand in 2025. An aspiring social worker himself, Kevin had a strong drive to assist others in counseling and recovery, and we are proud to continue this legacy.

Students pursuing degree-seeking coursework in the behavioral, mental health, addicition/substance abuse, or social work fields will be welcome to apply. We anticipate making our first award in 2021.